New To Our Ranch?


Whether you are looking for your first horse or a fine breeding prospect, we are honored you’ve stopped by and happy to show you around.  At Arctic Morgans, we take great pride in our horses and are committed to the morgans of yesterday.

All of our horses are 100% foundation or very high percentage foundation bloodlines.  If you are new to morgans, there is a lot of information available on foundation morgan bloodlines out there, but I’ll give you the cliff notes version.

We have built our herd on the foundation morgan.  Most of our mares are 100% foundation, and most come from the breeding program of Bob and Jan Painter, in Nebraska, who have spent their lives preserving the foundation bloodlines.  The Painters produce stellar horses that typify the western working morgan.  We stand one foundation stallion, and all of our high percentage stallions are 99.6% foundation.

If you are a breeder, we can guarantee you that breeding to one of our horses, or purchasing one to continue breeding at home, will ensure you have some of the highest caliber western and foundation bloodlines available.  As a horse enthusiast, an Arctic Morgans horse will give you some of the best of the morgan breed, and the knowledge that you are aiding in recognizing, promoting and preserving the foundation morgan horse.