New To Morgans?

Why a Morgan?

There are a lot of horses in the world, and many options when you are looking for a horse.  In many areas, you can find people giving their horses away, or selling them for next to nothing.

Given that, it is obviously advisable to purchase a decent horse that you will trust, cherish and enjoy.  And that is where the morgan comes into consideration.  The morgan is known as America’s first horse, and the breed originated with one very fine bay stallion born in 1789.  Named Figure, he came to be known by his owner’s name, Justin Morgan.  Morgan horses contributed some of the best attributes to the development of many of the horse breeds later developed in the US, including quarter horses and paints, Tennessee walkers, and Standardbreds


  • Disposition – The morgan disposition is simply outstanding. They are calm horses, exceptional thinkers, and very people-oriented.
  • Style – With a morgan, you truly stand out from the crowd. The morgan is a proud horse, with an erect carriage and a special presence to their actions and movement.
  • Versatility – Morgans are the ultimate versatile breed, excelling at a competitive level in virtually every discipline. The morgan will take you there with class and heart, whether it is trail riding, reining, ranchwork, driving, distance riding or dressage.
  • Endurance – Between their athleticism, heart, disposition and versatility, morgans excel in endurance. While a typical morgan may not rival the top competitive endurance horses, most morgans can compete very successfully in competitive trail rides and endurance events.  Moreover, their physical endurance enables you to ride all day, passing other breeds that don’t have the bottom to do so, and your morgan will still be stepping proudly at the end of the ride.
  • Hardiness – Morgans are predominantly easy keepers, have excellent bone and feet, and do well through summer’s heat and winter’s storms. Their hooves are excellent – with the proper conditioning, most perform exceptionally well barefoot.